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The Story Behind Grapevine Marketing

Our marketing agency takes a data-driven, ROI-focused approach to create marketing strategies that will help your business thrive. For us, it’s more than marketing. It’s about helping businesses succeed. Reach out to us today and let us show you what our brand of marketing is all about.

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About Jennifer

Simply connecting people

Grapevine Marketing was founded by Katy-native Jennifer LaFleur, who worked in the corporate world for nine years. This helped her gain marketing experience and encouraged her to start something of her own. Once her second daughter was born, she quit the corporate and established Grapevine Marketing as a full-service digital marketing agency with a vision—“Simply Connecting People.”

The name Grapevine Marketing came was chosen as she wanted to include “Texas” in the name, along with a non-cliche buzzword that would align with marketing. While she and her husband were brainstorming for names, a song named “I heard it through the Grapevine” crossed her mind. She also realized that Grapevine is also a popular place in Texas, about 3 hours away from Katy, and this is how Grapevine Marketing was born.

Jennifer has a soft-spot for small businesses that could greatly benefit from her skills and expertise. Combined with her penchant to help them out, she is easily one of the best digital marketers in Texas!


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Digital Ads

Grapevine Marketing will help you connect to the right customers and create brand awareness.


Listings Management

Update your business information accurately across various directories and listing sites.


Reputation Management

Respond promptly and professionally to all online reviews across different platforms.


Social Media Marketing

Our social media experts can assist you in creating engaging content and attracting new customers.


Website Design

Create a professional, informative, and user-friendly website and attract the right traffic to your business.



Rank high on search engines and generate more organic traffic through our SEO tactics.


Customer Experience

Enrich customer experience by addressing their feedback and incorporating the necessary changes.

Our Work

We’ve helped multiple businesses grow their digital presence and uncover hidden opportunities. View our latest projects and read through our case studies to know more.


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Grapevine Marketing is our customers’ most preferred choice. We strive to develop and implement marketing strategies tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing top-notch digital marketing services and outstanding customer service. We are committed to helping your business grow and succeed.

Simply Connecting People

Grapevine Marketing is a digital marketing agency specializing in website design, local SEO, digital advertising, and various other marketing services. Grapevine was set up to connect people through stories—whether they are our clients or those shared by their customers. We are passionate about helping you grow your business by using cutting-edge technology to create strong connections between you and your target audience. Your company has unique goals and ambitions. That’s why we take a tailored approach to each client to ensure that our marketing strategies are specific to your business needs. Our tagline speaks true to what we do for our clients—”Simply Connecting People.”